Macroporous Strong Basic Anion Exchange Resin

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Macroporous Strong Basic Anion Exchange Resin

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D201 Macroporous Strong Basic Anion Exchange Resin
1.Executive Standard: GB/T16580-1996 DL/T519-2004
The performance of this product is similar to that of 201×7 strong basic styrene type I anion exchange resin, but it has better physical and chemical stability, and it has strong resistance to penetration stress, abrasion resistance and pollution resistance. Because this product has a large pore structure, it can exchange ions and molecules with large adsorption size, so it can be used in non-aqueous media. Specifications include general purpose, floating bed type, bunk bed type and three layer bed type.
The original grade of this product is D231, equivalent to foreign brands: United States: Amberlite IRA-900, Germany: Lewatit MP-500;
Japan: Diaion PA308.
2.Structural Formula
3.Physical And Chemical Performance Indicators
Resin structureStyrene-divinylbenzene
AppearanceMilky white to pale yellow opaque spherical particles
Functional group–N+(CH3)3
Mass capacit(mmol/g)≥3.70(mmol/g)
Volume capacity (mmol/ml)≥1.20(mmol/mol)≥1.10(mmol/mol)≥1.20(mmol/mol)
Specific density(g/ml)0.65~0.73
Bulk density(g/ml)1.060~1.100
Effective diameter mm0.400~0.700≥0.500≥0.6300.500~0.800
Uniformity coefficient≤1.6≤1.4
Particle size≥95%0.315--1.25mm0.450~1.25mm0.630~1.25mm0.400~0.900mm
Lower limit granularity%<0.315mm
≤1.0<0.450 mm
≤1.0<0.630 mm
Whole beads after osmotic attrition%≥90.00
Max swelling rate%CL→OH
Ionic formCL
4.Reference Indicator
PH range1-14
Maximum use temperature°COH-40
Running flow rate m/h15-30
Regeneration concentrationHCl:4-5%; NaOH:4-5%
It is mainly used for the preparation and purification of pure water and high-purity water, decolorization of sugar liquid and fermentation liquid, wastewater treatment, and also for the adsorption and extraction of vanadium pentoxide and heavy metal recovery.Macroporous Strong Basic Anion Exchange Resin
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